May 12, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter this year was really relaxing.  We went to church and then had dinner at our house. Here are some pictures of my sweet little ones!!

May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

We went camping for Mothers Day weekend!! We found this great little spot awhile back. Its great for kids, with peacocks, a river, a zipline and tons more fun!!
 Little man
 Baby I
 Little Lou
 Big I
 The zipline!! It looks so much smaller than it was!!

 Big I and me went together!!! Her first time and she loved it!!
Look at her excited face!!!

Mar 7, 2014

I am back to blogging!! I know it has been a long break but it was for a good reason!!

We have been busy adding this little princess to our family!! Meet Ireland! She is 8 months old now and so full of spunk! So stay tuned for more updates, recipes, and all around blogging fun!!!

May 26, 2013

Epic fun!

Today for Memorial Day weekend we decided to skip church and do something off our summer bucket list!! We have already gone to the movies so this is
Bucket List Item # 2: Visit the Great Park in Irvine!!
Here is the big balloon! We didn't get to go up in it because the wind was to strong but it was cool to see!!

Her mad face. Can't remember why she was mad now!
But she got over it quick and did a silly photo shoot for me!!

This was a silly milk pose. We all got milk to drink and the girls wanted to do a silly milk picture. If you cant tell Preston is pretending to drink salsa because he finished his milk already!!

We need a real bike like this for our big family!!!

Carousel fun!!

They are making pig faces!!

Izzy made her shadow look like Yoda!!
Visiting the farm and chickens!!

May 25, 2013


 Easter this year was low key and great. We had a great church service and then we did the whole Easter basket thing and had some family over for a yummy dinner!!!

 Every year Grandma Cindy buys the girls their Easter dresses. The girls absolutely love them and this year they were more beautiful than ever!!!

 Daddys girls!